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Quick house sale – sell your home fast with Brown Property

Now’s the time of year when lots of us are looking to make a fresh start, and for all kinds of reasons. And that often means moving on – literally. Perhaps you’re in debt and want to sell your home, clear what you owe and look forward to a future without worry. You may even be facing repossession and losing the equity in your home altogether.

Maybe you’re looking to move on after a break-up or a bereavement – and that means moving home just as soon as you can. Alternatively, retirement or a change of circumstances could mean you’d like to downsize.

Or you could be in a property chain and you’ve lost your buyer and it all looks like falling apart – or the person you’re buying from is demanding you move quickly. Or maybe your property is rundown or in an undesirable area and proving hard to sell at all. Perhaps it’s because you’re moving out of the area for work, to retire, or to live abroad. Or you’ve inherited a property you don’t want.

Or it could simply be that you don’t like all the stress, hassle and delays associated with a sale via an estate agent. With the average UK house sale taking 6-9 months, plus all the associated fees and commissions, and the costs of preparing your home to go on the market in the first place, a faster, easier alternative has to be worth considering.

The good news is that whatever the reason you want to sell quickly, we’re here for you. And we guarantee to buy any property – including yours – wherever it is in Tyne & Wear or the wider North-East region.

How you will benefit

We’ll buy any property, in any condition and offer you a guaranteed fair price within hours of seeing it – we don’t need a survey to be able to make an offer. Completion can be in as little as a week, or to whatever timescale suits you. Everything is quick, guaranteed and discreet, with no estate agent’s boards or anything else.

There’s no commission and no fees either, and with the speed of the sale and the agreement to buy ‘as seen’, you’re saving in all kinds of other ways too. Our offer is also guaranteed – what we quote, we pay. As we’re cash buyers, it’s always a quick sale too.

Help to clear your debts – even before you sell

If you have mortgage arrears and/or other debts, a quick sale like this means you can clear them. If your property is being threatened with repossession we can stop it at any time. We can also help you pay off any creditors you may have – for example loans, credit cards, store cards or tax bills – even before the sale has gone through. Once the sale has completed, we then pay you the rest of the agreed amount. There’s no interest to pay, and no fees or charges either.

Buying any property in the North-East

We’re based in Newcastle, Tyne & Wear, but we guarantee to buy your property if it’s anywhere in North-East England. That includes Durham, Bishop Auckland, Coxhoe, Consett, Ferryhill, Spennymoor, Sedgefield and Stanley.

The sooner you contact us, the faster we can help you get to where you want to be! And remember, there are no fees and there’s no obligation to proceed.

So please get in touch now – call 0191 6 498 708 or get a cash offer by clicking the button below.

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