Sell house fast – Tyne and Wear

If you’re looking for a fast, stress-free sale, Brown Property could be the ideal solution.

Sell your house fast in Tyne and Wear or anywhere across the North East in any location and in any condition.

  • We always pay a fair price on any sale.
  • There are no fees for estate agents, lawyers or anyone or anything else. What we offer is what we pay.
  • We’re also discreet - there are no estate agents boards or anything else.

Why sell your house fast with Brown Property?

  • It’s much easier and faster than using a regular estate agent and having to do up your property for a sale, endless viewings, surveys and so on.
  • It’s guaranteed - we buy any property in Tyne and Wear and we guarantee to pay the price we offer.
  • For whatever reason you just want the money from the sale quickly.

Who can benefit?

  • You’re threatened with repossession - you could lose all the value of your property if you don’t sell quickly, and your credit rating would go down as well.
  • You’re in a property chain that looks like breaking or has broken and you need to sell quickly.
  • You’re a landlord looking to dispose of unwanted or unprofitable properties.
  • You’re looking to move elsewhere for work, to retire, or to go abroad.
  • You want to move on as soon as possible after a relationship ends or a bereavement.
  • You want to sell an inherited but unwanted property.
  • Your property is in a poor state of repair, or in an undesirable location.

Any or all of these reasons could be why a guaranteed sale with us could be the perfect solution.

For more details, and for a no-obligation fast offer on what we would pay for your property in Tyne and Wear, or across the North East, simply click the button below.

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Alternatively you can contact us by telephone on 0191 649 8708 or by our contact page here.

Please note that one attractive alternative if you don’t need to sell it fast is to lease it to us with an option of selling later. Please see our leasing page for more information.