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Property lease options – a great solution for under-performing properties

If you’re a landlord, you’ll know that the buy-to-let market has got a lot harder in the last year or two.

The government has reduced the tax breaks and tightened up the regulations, and making money from property has become more difficult.

That means you could be finding it hard to get tenants. You may also not have the money to refurbish your properties to attract good tenants. Or your property may simply be in a ‘bad’ area.

What’s the answer? One solution could be to consider leasing it to us. We take on the property, giving you the money to cover your mortgage and other costs such as insurance. Depending on what we agree, you may have a nice amount of surplus income as well.

If necessary, we can spend money on repairing, refurbishing or improving the property. And that’s our money as well – it will cost you nothing.

After a set amount of time, agreed at the outset, we then have the option of buying the property.

How you benefit

  • A guaranteed or fixed monthly income for your property.
  • No time or money spent on finding or managing tenants.
  • No need to spend money maintaining or refurbishing the property – we fund it 100%.
  • No ‘down time’ when the property is vacant and not earning.
  • No upfront costs for you – we pay your legal fees and ours.
  • Any property selling option, time period and cost will be agreed in advance, so you’ll always have peace of mind.
  • No worries about recent or impending regulations or tax changes negatively affecting landlords.
  • A great alternative to consider in this difficult property market.

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